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REinvent classes are 7-week intensive overviews of practicing real estate in Colorado.  Our real estate course will guide you through the legal aspects of the industry, contracts & closings and what it’s actually like to practice real estate.  Unlike most courses, the REinvent curriculum is meant to take you from student to professional and fully prepare you to earn your real estate license.  Through informative lectures, interactive dialogue, real-life scenarios and Q&A, REinvent will help you realize your true potential as a professional real estate agent

Course Dates & Locations


917 Auraria Parkway
Denver CO 80204

January 9th, 2020 – February 20th, 2020 |Thursday’s

February 27th – April 9th, 2020 | Thursday’s




350 Indiana St #300
Golden, CO 80401

December 5th, 2019 – January 23rd, 2020| Thursdays



Course Descriptions

Law and Practice

This unit covers the national portion of pre-licensing, including basic real estate principles, real estate law and the practice of real estate.

Colorado Contract

This unit covers the licensing requirements of the Colorado Real Estate commission, what real estate agents can do while working as a broker, continuing education requirements and the commission’s position regarding license law.

Colorado Closings

This unit covers the basic skills necessary to properly close a real estate transaction, including responsibilities throughout, plus accounting for funds received & disbursed, as well as a comprehensive outline of legal documents (prepared by the broker).

Record Keeping / Trust Accounts

This unit covers the proper record-keeping procedures required by the commission to maintain & account for others’ funds.

Legal Issues

This unit covers real world problems that have been handled by the real estate commission, including legal issues.

Practical Applications

This unit covers how real estate brokers protect the public in the application of laws, rules & standards of practices.  It provides guidance to new brokers in setting goals, writing a business plan, as well as what is necessary to get started, including equipment, marketing, etc.  Other topics include working with sellers & buyers, showing properties, writing an offer & more.

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