Frequently Asked Questions

RE Invent Real Estate School

Why choose RE Invent?

We want you to succeed! At RE Invent Real Estate School, we see our licensing classes as your first step in beginning a successful career. Our instructors are committed to providing the tools and education each student needs to achieve their goals!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, in the event you should request a refund you will be subject to REinvent Real Estate School’s refund policy. This policy works on a prorated structure and reimburses students based on the percentage of the course completed up until the date of the request. For a full explanation of this policy please contact us.

After the Class

What are the opportunities for real estate licensees?

Choosing a Real Estate firm and managing broker that fit your needs as a new licensee is a big decision. We here at RE Invent are committed to providing the knowledge and assistance necessary to guide our students through not only the licensing process, but also the process of finding a brokerage firm. It is always our top priority to make sure that you have the foundation for a successful future in Colorado Real Estate!

Real Estate Licensing

What do you need to obtain a real estate license in Colorado?

Colorado law requires that any person who wishes to obtain a real estate license must first: complete six courses of real estate education, pass the state exam (consists of a state portion and federal portion), complete a background check, and submit an application for licensure.

What are the levels of real estate licenses in Colorado?

Initially, all licensees will begin at the Broker Associate level. A broker must have their “Broker Associate” level license for two years before becoming eligible to receive an “Independent Broker” license. If a broker wishes to obtain an “Employing Broker” level license(for purposes of hiring and supervising associate brokers), they must first have their license for 2 years and complete the 24-hour Brokerage Administration course.

Colorado State Exam

What are the requirements?

Colorado differs from most other states in that we were the first state to enact a “single licensing” statute. This means that brand new licensees will enter the industry as a “Broker Associate” instead of a “salesperson”. While there is still an experience requirement to upgrade to licensing levels such as Independent Broker or Managing Broker, the new licensee will not need to repeat the state examination.

Because of this one time examination policy, Colorado’s broker licensing process tests competency far beyond most other states. Upon completion of your education and testing, you (as a licensed broker associate) will enter the Real Estate industry with more pre-licensing hours and significantly more comprehensive testing than other states. If you’ve heard that the Colorado Real Estate Examination is difficult, then you heard right. But at RE Invent Real Estate School, we believe that with our education programs and your hard work you can pass the exam!